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    Wireless optical sensor - model: WS-M02. The sensor is designed to be inserted into 9mm barrels and does not require any mounting accessories, it can also be used with .45cal barrels with the use of optional adapters. It can register all gun movements during the time leading up to the shot and during the shot’s execution (the action of pulling the trigger). Sensor’s weight is 6 grams (including the battery) and has barely any effect on the balance of the weapon of your choice. The optical sensor detects the distance to the target automatically (given the distance between 4 and 6 meters). SCATT software enables convenient calibration process, so the axis of the sensor and gun’s sights are correctly aligned, sparing the user of all the challenges in regards to adjusting the sights. On top of that, the sensor automatically compensates for the “Canting Effect” to the point of eliminating this concern for good!

    The sensor sustains on 1 battery (1.5V – AG5, 393 or alternatives) for approximately 10000 shots given that the average aiming time is 3 seconds. When idle the sensor automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

    • Optischer Sensor Modell WS-M02
    • Batterie 1,5V – AG5, 393 oder ähnliche