SCATT Expert software

New, crossplatform SCATT Expert software - has all the necessary functions for training and analyzing the results of the highest level shooters.

The software contains a most common targets for shooting at a distances up to 1000 meters.

On the screen is conveniently placed: the aiming trace on the background of the target and the most significant parameters of the shot.

For the convenience of perception and analysis, the aiming trace is colored in different colors:

 Green (time interval from start of aimint to -1 second before the shot) - allows you to assess the direction and nature of the movement of the aiming point on the target.

 Yellow (time interval from -1 to -0.2 second before the shot) - serves to visually highlight the part of the aiming trace used for the analysis of stability and the aiming character.

 Blue (time interval from -0.2 second before the shot to the shot moment) - an interval equal to the average time of a human's reaction to an external stimulus. By the nature and length of this interval, you can judge how the shooter controls the position of the gun at the shot moment.

 Red (time interval after the shot) - follow-through used to analyze the shooter’s aiming point movement after the shot.


In addition to the result of the shot, you have the opportunity to see and analyze numerous parameters:

Aiming Trace – measures the weapon’s movement relative to the target, both before and after shooting. Accurate measurement of the trajectory provides precise information about aim and point of impact.

The trajectory sections are highlighted in different colors (default settings: aim before shooting – green, one second before shooting – yellow, after shooting – red). You can easily change the colors of the trajectory sections, as well as add supplementary colors.

Zooming onto the target, with the help of the mouse or keyboard, will let you closely scrutinize the section of the trajectory you are interested in.

The program automatically repeats the aiming trajectory right after the shot is fired, as whilst aiming, the shooter is unable to watch the computer display.

Target’s centre distance – this analysis is represented by two graphs. The first one depicts the distance from the aiming trajectory’s points to the target’s centre, both vertically and horizontally.

The second graph shows absolute deflection of the trajectory’s points from the centre of the target. Both graphs provide the information about the same shot.

Coordination - graph depicts the absolute deflection of the trajectory’s points from the centre of the target (see above), including the entire number of shots fired during the training session. It is one of the most important indicators of the shooter’s coordination. It highlights loss of control over the weapon in the last moments before firing.

The term co-ordination means the ability of the shooter to choose the optimal moment of shot release within his ( her ) ability of holding steadiness. This is one of the most important criteria by which the shooter’s ability as a competitor can be judged. This ability to choose an optimal moment of final shot release can partly compensate for insufficient steadiness.

Co-ordination is analyzed by averaged curve of the values of , It is plotted in some time interval prior to the shot. The value of R(t), and in particular the character of the change (increase or decrease) in the final 0,2-0,3 second, are characteristic of the degree of co-ordination ability of the shooter. The faster the R(t) value grows in last 0,2 second, the lower the shooter’s co-ordination ability, i.e. more likely the aiming of the rifle or pistol becomes worse in the final moment of triggering.

Shift of shooting moment – this graph not only shows the result of the shooting at the moment of firing, but also it can be compared with the possible result, if firing had occurred a fraction of a second earlier.

Speed of aiming trajectory – this graph represents the speed of the trajectory’s movement on the target, effectively measuring a shooter’s steadiness.It is a very useful graph for analysis of the steadiness and of shooting between heartbeats.

Intervals between the shots – this diagram illustrates the best timing points of the each shot and time intervals between them. Based on this data, a shooter can select his/her optimum shooting pace.


The software allows you to change the interface settings: colors, size and font style can be changed in accordance with the user's taste preferences and adapted to the size and resolution of the screen.

All practices are automatically recorded in the directory where shooting files are grouped by date and shooter's name.

SCATT Expert software is existing for the Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS and Android.

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