Distance to the target
from 4 to 6 m
For use
Live firing practice
Optical sensor type
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    SCATT WM9 is an electronic training system with wireless optical sensor. It is intended for use with pistols (or pistol models) of 9 mm caliber. SCATT WM9 is used for indoors training at distances from 4 to 6 meters and imitates shooting up to 300 meters.

    The training system comes with an electronic target frame, into which a paper target is inserted (it can be hung on the wall, bullet trap or mounted on a tripod) It connects to the computer without requiring a separate power source. The paper target can be automatically scaled down in the SCATT Software and printed on a regular printer.

    Electronic target frame can be used at distances from 4 to 6 meters, allowing you to train in different rooms using a single device. There are red and green light indicators at the top and the bottom of the frame for timed fire practice (e.g. for match pistol shooting).

    The wireless optical sensor (model WS-M02)

    The sensor is designed for inserting into 9mm barrels and does not require any mounting accessories, it can also be used with .45cal barrels with the use of optional adapters.

    It can register all gun movements during the time leading up to the shot and during the shot’s execution (the action of pulling the trigger).

    Sensor’s weight is 6 grams (including the battery) and has barely any effect on the balance of the weapon of your choice. The optical sensor detects the distance to the target automatically (given the distance between 4 and 6 meters).

    SCATT software enables convenient calibration process, so the axis of the sensor and gun’s sights are correctly aligned, sparing the user of all the challenges in regards to adjusting the sights. On top of that, the sensor automatically compensates for the “Canting Effect” to the point of eliminating this concern for good!

    The sensor sustains on 1 battery (1.5V – AG5, 393 or alternatives) for approximately 10000 shots given that the average aiming time is 3 seconds. When idle the sensor automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

    The system comes with modern, user-friendly and functional software - SCATT Professional. It includes all the necessary features for training and analysis at the highest level.


    • For indoors use
    • Distance to the electronic target – from 4 to 6 m
    • Optical sensor type – wireless (two-way infrared connection to electronic target)
    • Optical sensor size: 14 x 14 x 68 mm
    • Optical sensor weight: 6 g
    • Software – SCATT Professional (for Windows)
    • Two-Year Limited Warranty


    • Optical sensor model WS-M02
    • Battery 1.5V (AG5, 393 or analog)
    • Electronic target model WT-01
    • Electronic target control unit model WTC-01
    • Electronic target control unit interface cable
    • Electronic target interface cable
    • Flash drive with software and drivers
    • User guide
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