Elektronische Scheibe WT-01

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    Electronic target – model: WLT-01 is to be used instead of a default target (electronic target can be mounted on a wall, a bullet trap or a photo-tripod). The target is connected to the Control Unit and requires no separate power source. Special slots on the target’s body frame are designed to hold paper target print-outs that have been scaled in accordance with the intended distance and exercise. This target can be used from 5 to 10 meters away from a shooter, enabling practice sessions in various conditions utilizing a single electronic target. Two sets of LED indicators are located at the target’s top and bottom. These indicators are designed for time-limit training – with time constraints applied to each shot (e.g. for match pistol shooting). The target has a built-in Infra-Red wireless connectivity module and can be utilized with wireless SCATT sensors.
    • Electronic  WLT-01
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